Bringing a New Approach to Venture

Arieli  Capital  is  a  new  venture  firm  focused  on  the Israeli technology sector.  Arieli seeks to invest at the earliest stages and then continue to invest in the company with both  financial resources and active  involvement in the commercial growth of the venture.   Arieli Capital has a strategic relationship with US based Champion Capital Group, who have broad experience in business   transactions   in   many   sectors   and   stages  of company  growth.  Arieli  Capital's  management and advisory board  include a  former  Fortune  500  level  CMO, successful tech entrepreneurs, investment bankers and corporate leaders.

In addition,  Arieli  Capital's  founder,  Eric Bentov, established the  Eilat  Tech  Hub,  and  Arieli is actively working to develop ventures in the Eilat region and across the country.

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